14 October, 2007

Album changed

Now the album has moved to: Durgesh.Singh @ Picasa

Plan to restart the blog underway. Till then Comfortably Numb...

20 August, 2006

Trip to Mulshi

Initial plan was to make a trip to Sinhgad near Pune. As usual my friend Sandeep overslept as it was Sunday. Next day was a office day for him, and I had to go to his place that night. So making a trip on last day was near to unexpected. Surprisingly on 15th (Independence day) he decided to make the trip and we got ready by 1130 hrs. Later we got to know that Sinhgad was blocked and we had to change our plans. Not knowing where to go and with an indomitable spirit to explore we continued. We left the city soon and we were on the road to Mulshi. After an hour long drive interspersed with rain we reached the Mulsi lake which has a TATA Power Generation unit. Had a smoke in the pine forest near the lake. And then started again. This time we reached a place full of cars and bikes. People swarmed the place like bees. Everyone excited and happy. Hard to find such enthusiasm everytime. The place was beautiful with huge cloud covered mountains on everyside and greenery all around. From the mountains waterfalls could be seen falling. There might be around 10 or more waterfalls that could be seen from that place and they join to form a big one below. Going above this one will lead you to small trek with the stream gushing in full flow. With loose, sliperry rocks and a strong flow of water, crossing the stream was tricky at times. Finally we reached the place where the it striked with full blast. It was all misty nearby. An ideal place to have a bath. It was already 1530 hrs and we were tired and hungry by then. We made our trek down and then drove back to the city. It was really a welcome trip after a long time. Sandeep is highly unpredictable regarding such sudden trips and whenever we have trekked, biked or travelled together, the experience has always been memorable. A detailed album of the trip is here. technorati tag:

19 August, 2006

"Travelling is like flirting with life...

... It's like saying, 'I would stay and love you, but I have to go; this is my station.' "- Lisa St. Aubin de Teran Last weekend I had been to Pune. Not my usual hectic trip this time. Spent four days over there. Rain was blessing the city for the whole time. Everytime we went out getting drenched was inevitable. "The slow drizzle which sprays your face while driving the bike" is just my kind of rain. The residents there might get fed up with such continuous wet condition. Living in a comparatively drier Hyderabad, things in Pune were quite different and pleasant. Watched some movies, shopped a bit, went around the city, catched up with friends and siblings and spent rest of the time idling. Something to worth mentioning this time was the trip to Mulshi. technorati tag:

10 August, 2006

I think its...

...bad to write when you dont really have a compelling need to say something. - Robert M. Pirsig [Zen and The Art of Motorcycle Maintainence] technorati tag:

07 August, 2006

I am listening to...

Song: Night Driver Singer: Tom Petty Album: Highway Companion My Rating: 4 out of 5 Have been on trip since Raghu gave the album. All the songs are good enough to be repeated time after time. This is Tom Petty's recent solo album. technorati tag:

Hungarian Grand Prix 2006

Sunday evening provided a real thrilling race. Race at Hungaroring was incident packed this time. Wet conditions did not favour the rain maestro as Ferrari struggled with the Bridgestone. Renault's performance was impressive till Alonso crashed. Though not an Alonso fan, this time he drove really well in the wet condition. It was really heart-breaking when he overtook Schumacher in the start. Raikonnen was again unfortunate this time, crashing Liuzzi. If there is one team that is jinxed, then its McLaren-Mercedes. With all this happening, Button clinched a deserving win. Just a few moments before I read something in the Formula 1 site and it did lift me bit. Kubica has been disqualified for driving an underweight car and Schumacher has been promoted a place and awarded a point, even after retiring. That means he is now 10 points behind Alonso and Ferrari down 7 points with respect to the Constructors. With last 5 races to go, the scramble for the top is going to be interesting. technorati tag:

Last 15 days...

With Baddy in town, taste and knowledge buds go on a roller coaster ride. Attended around 4 quizzes in the city. With Asha Quiz 2006 and KCircle Open among the biggies, it was a time for me to sharpen the lost edges. Made usual trips to Shadab, KFC, Deewan Dhaba[Nagpur Highway] and some other new eateries/restaurants. Roamed a day completely drenched during the incessant rains in Hyderabad. Though it was bad for the whole three days as it rained non stop, the cool and wet climate made the weekends a pleasure. Mouli bought a washing machine this time. Goodbye, dirty socks and soiled jeans. technorati tag:

30 July, 2006

Ferrari 1 - 2 :)

Q: Michael, your seventieth win for Ferrari, a big dent in Fernando's championship lead, hundredth win for Bridgestone: a phenomenal day for you. Michael Schumacher: Yeah. You're putting numbers on... they're very important but at the moment probably the most important is eleven because it's eleven points left in terms of championship lead for Fernando. - Formula1 An amazing race again this week. Got to be religious for the rest of the races left. technorati tag:

Amores Perros

Another nice watch this weekend was Amores Perros. A 2001 mexican movie. Containing three different stories connected to a road accident. Translated as Love is a Bitch, the stories have dog as an essential element in them. They deal with some harsh realities with a good pace and content to keep you glued to it. Worth mentioning dialogue: "If you want to make God laugh... tell Him your plans." technorati tag:

Omkara : Re-viewed

When Rediff gave the review of Omkara as "Shakespeare would have smiled" the point had been made about the movie. A movie adapted from a classic tragedy has to tell more than the original story. And Vishal Bharadwaj has managed to do this in a great way. Before going into other characters of the movie, the character of Iago (here Langda Tyagi) played by Saif Ali Khan demands special mention. Simply beyond par. The dark shade of this character is evident from the very first scene of the movie. Nasseeruddin Shah, Ajay Devgan, Kareena and Konkana Sen are brilliant in their parts too. Vivek Oberoi and Bipasha Basu also manage to do their job well. Another actor to look out for is Deepak Dobriyal as Raju. Use of rustic UP dialect garnished with profanities at times makes the dialogues, a treat for the ears. Sometimes difficult to understand too. As I have already fell in love with its music, so not mentioning about it again. Simply a must and mast watch. I just came watching it the second time... technorati tag:

24 July, 2006

I am listening to...

Song: Naina Singer: Rahat Fateh Ali Khan Album: Omkara [OST] My Rating: 4 out of 5 Downloaded the album after hearing the title song in the trailers. This song has the touch of Vishal Bharadwaj's Maachis. Yeah, he is the music director of Omkara. One of my expected watch. Other tracks like Beedi, Lakkad, Jag ja, O Saathi Re, and Omkara are equally good. Nice buy or download. technorati tag: